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Fuzzy Siberian Cat

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Out of 6 rings at the TICA show in Denver (High on Cats), Sasha was picked the best, the best in division, and the best in breed 3 times. In the finals, he was picked 9th twice and 10th once out of 10 total kitties. Congrats to our cuddle bug, Sasha.

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  Fuzzy Siberian Cat  
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Some Tips about Siberians
The Siberian cat is a long haired breed of cat. The Siberian cat breed is recognized by most cat organizations, which accept Siberians of any color (including color points) for competition. This includes recognition in the major cat registries such as TICA and Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), as well as acceptance in the CFA Championship class beginning on February 6th, 2006.

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Fuzzy Siberian Cat